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Build Tokenized Infrastructure.

Plan, Generate and Operate Security Token


We support companies that want to create a token from their assets. We provide consulting services and technical product for STO (Security Token Offering), that is asset tokenization by using Ethereum blockchain.

Structure Consulting

  • Legal Support
  • Company Structuring
  • Registry support

Token Generation

  • Token-type selection
    (Ownership / Stock / Fund)
  • Devidend function
  • Voting right function

Structure Consulting

  • STO Explorer: Tool for Issuer and Investor
  • STO Admin: Management Tool for Issuer

Infrastructure Consulting

  • Insfrastructure consulting with a local government
  • Exchange Development

KYC/AML & Investor Verification

When dealing with securities, all securities holders must be KYC/AML verified, and there are many additional restrictions on the distribution and trading of securities. Restriction of transfer is one core component of security token.

Signature For Document

Security Token enable automatic approval once an investor signed investment agreement through API or whitelist. It will make document management flow comfortable with electric signature.

Dividend & Voting Right Function

Tokens have each identifiable information such as tranche and acquisition date. It makes management of operations such as distribution of dividend and voting execution easier by automatic recognition of investor’s status.

Force Enforcement By Third-party Operator

To make an adoption into the securities market, it is required that third party operator can execute force transfer and redeem. This function is useful for licensed organizations.

Vision of STO


Improve the liquidity of private equities and long-term assets.


Provides chapter and efficient public offering process.

Compliance Applicable

Introduce more regulation participation.

Fast, Ease Capital Formatuin

Boosts the financing process thanks to automation.

Global Trading Capability

Enables investors and issuers to trade 24/7 anywhere in the world.


Security token enhance liquidity of assets even a tiny assets which people had not been bought and sold in the past age. It means the beginning of new age of finance. Blockchain / DLT enables to represent values as a digital token, as it is called “Internet of the value”, security token is one of the first use case in the real world since it represent an ownership of real asset.


Our Vision & Advantages

Our mission is to create the world’s infrastructure for new economy build on blockchain and make it universally accessible and useful.


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